Magnetic Field



Magnetic Field, 2013

graphite on paper


Integral to discovery, merging physical and scientific thought processes ignites new ways of seeing.  As I link drawing to geologic study my mind reaches further to understand a site unseen—Earth’s magnetic field. In my drawing, Magnetic Field, line work, shadows and light equate to an abstracted diagram of the landscape’s magnetic interior and the dynamic process of quantum physics’ photon exchange.


The Magnetic Field drawing evidences a search for meaning through mark making and reconstruction. Looking to an earlier drawing that had gone in an unintended direction, I started thinking of ways to repurpose the time, labor and materials it contained. An abstract transformation began by cutting the large line drawing into four strips. As in life, inwardness often requires one to dissect circumstances with hope for renewal.


Metal points are strategically placed beneath the graphite strips while magnets hold each drawing fragment into place. From here, graphite strands meander—weaving into shapes with fluid curves, lifting from the surface.  Analogous to Earth’s magnetic field, woven marks intimately intersect with one another forming voluminous tension.


Within Earth’s core is a magnetic field of electric currents flowing between the north and south poles.  The last reversal in polarity was about one million years ago. A flip in polarity is pending. At what pace is the shift in poles occurring? In search for surrogate energy, how can magnetism facilitate efficiency?


Beyond what the naked eye can see, Earth’s magnetic exchange is only visible with micro or macroscopic lenses.  Magnetic Field references special relativity’s four momentums with four paper strips capturing time and space. Using woven marks I redirect energy honing in on momentum toward renewability.


Earth’s magnetism goes without resolve. Magnetic Field examines an evolving understanding toward the potential for renewable energy as an essential component to life on this planet—Earth.